• Brian J. Boucher - Project lead, core gameplay, art integration, quest item pickups, collectibles, win and game over screen functionality, plant collisions, minimap, debug cheats, player walk animation, attack animation, knockback, scale adjustments, credits screen, weapon to hand binding, scene reorganization, title background image, instructions, UI reskin, patrol routes
• Maimi Boucher - Sword model, model optimizations, over a dozen rock variations, tree models, map layout, nav mesh updates, chest and trunk models, bush (with and without berries), starting point tweaks, club and axe weapons, ivy character, map edits, grimsnap model, health pass, flowers, player death screen, start screen, menu button, environment art placement
• Will McKay - Enemy tracking AI, wandering support, weapon randomization, item dropping, inventory system (including selection, rearrangement, equip limits), item stats summary tool tips, character armor stat, player xp and leveling system, projectile functionality, fireball explosion, skill unlock, level up notification, weapon hookups, inventory sprites
• Roc Lee - Background music, battle music, audio implementation, music manager, dynamic song transition functionality, game sounds (including player attack, enemy damage, roll), additional audio adjustments, attack rate controls, attack trigger hookups, song change stingers
• Cassidy Noble - Troll and goblin model/animations (including damage and death animations), related animation controllers
• Justin Chin - ProBuilder integration, building and hut models, rocks, water fountain, sword platform, house, attack sounds (high and low, player and enemy), campfire
• Jonathan "jay513" Treglia - Player control adjustments, targeting improvements, player health system, additiontal vector helper functions, melee touch up
• Philip Greene - Grass texture, ground details, UI health orb animation, enemy health UI, stone border for minimap, health system refactor, sliced fill art (incl. xp bar), font integration, git reminder compatibility improvements
• Grygoriy Kulesko - Run feature, life counter and related reset, lives display, game over screen improvement, generalized UI panels, UI code refactor
• Andy King - Dissolve/dither shader with vertex painting, terrain paths test, repo pull
• Agustín Martínez - Model and texture for chest and fence
• Bilal A. Cheema - Attack indicators, additional player mouse control work, start of enemy patrol script, goblin animation integration (idle, walk, patrol, attack)
• Philip ‘MrPhil’ Ludington - Enemy physics issue detection and workaround

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